Mummyville’s Mission 

“My goal is to have a website, blog posts about motherhood, have people volunteer to share their stories, have courses on motherhood, parenting etc. Recommend books, have an online yard sale kind of thing, where people can sell what they no longer need at discounted prices to mothers in the community”.

Temi’s Story

“I had my baby in another country, I was registered as a student. My partner arrived 8 days after, meaning, I had to learn the ropes myself and relied on help from friends. I longed for a community of women who had been through the path. I sought a platform where women at various natal stages could connect, share experiences, and serve as support for one another. I believed the sisterhood I desired was out there, and we just needed a way to link up. So, I started with a WhatsApp group. I put up a post on Twitter, sharing my vision, and within minutes, I got people signifying interest. From new mums, pregnant women, single women, women who were working on getting pregnant, and all who were interested in parenting in general. Thus, the community was formed.”

Ore’s Story

As a huge fan of Temi’s cause, I one day woke up and decided to build it into a reality, we discussed and made it happen.